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67 - 73 Jeepster Commando Graphite Injected Poly Body Bushings

These are designed from stock specs and use original inserts

the kit has 26 bushings

This is a Jeep Guy exclusive

$60.00 set


55-73 CJ Poly Body Bushings

Part# 2.4101G Black

Part# 2.4101R Red


74-75 CJ Poly Body Bushings

Part# 2.4106G Black

Part# 2.4106R Red 


76-79 CJ Poly Body Bushings

Part# 2.4103G Black 

Part# 2.4103R Red


  80-86 CJ5, CJ7 Poly Body Bushing

Part# 2.4102G Black

Part# 2.4102R Red

$70.00 set


Rubber Body Bushing Kit W/ Sleeves

79-86 CJ



  Poly Grill Bushing
Black only

Stainless Washer Kit

CJ5 6-2470

CJ7 & CJ8 6-2471

YJ 6-2472



Poly Spring Bushings

55-75 CJ Front or Rear

Part # 2.2101G Black

Part # 2.2101R Red



Poly Front Spring and Shackle Bushing Kit
76-86 CJ
Part# 2.2102G Black
Part# 2.2102R Red


Poly Rear Spring and Shackle Bushing Kit
76-86 CJ
Part# 2.2103G Black
Part# 2.2103R Red


Poly Spring and Shackle Bushing Kit
87-95 YJ
Part# 2.2107G Black
Part# 2.2107R Red

Poly Front Shackle Bushing

76-86 CJ

Part# 2.2105G Black

Part# 2.2105R Red


Poly Rear Shackle Bushing

76-86 CJ

Part# 2.2106G Black

Part# 2.2106R Red



Poly Rear Spring and Shackle Bushing Kit
84-99 Cherokee XJ
Part# 1-1007BL Black
Part# 1-1007 Red

Tie Rod End Poly Boots

Part # 9.13101G Black

Part# 9.13101R Red

$5.00 pair

Jeep Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit

76-86 CJ with 15/16"

Part# 2.5101G Black

Part# 2.5101R Red

$24.00 kit

Jeep Trans Poly Torque Stud Bushing

Part# 1-1201 BL Black

Part# 1-1201R Red

$10.00 set

Transmission Stabilizer Stud

72-95 CJ, YJ

Part# 5358879

$6.00 each


Energy Suspension Poly Transmission Mounts

72-86 CJ, 87-95 YJ

Part# 3.1108G Black

Part# 3.1108R Red

$30.00 each

Competition Large Bump Stops

$50.00 set


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